Concrete Sawing

Diamond Concrete Drilling Co. LTD has many types of floor saws to suit your concrete or other floor sawing job: these include large diameter and small diameter diesel, petrol and electric saws. This allows for internal and external work to be carried out as well as achieving different depths of cut. Electric saws are particularly suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Floor sawing plant is commonly used for cutting flat services such as motorways, bridges, pavements and floor slabs. Floor saws are able to cut up to 500 mm in depth depending on the machine used.

The modular design on our 3-phase saws allows us to use them where access may be a problem - this is done by dismantling the machine into manageable parts to carry down stairs etc.

Typical uses include trenching, joints, demolition cuts and floor chases.

Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing allows almost any large concrete or masonry structure to be cut where other methods are not feasible. It is an ideal tool for cutting and removing reinforced concrete, such as bridge sections, jetties, columns or beams. Diamond wire sawing is particularly useful when extremely thick and/or awkward shapes need cutting.

A diamond beaded sawing wire can be wrapped around almost any size or shape of reinforced / mass concrete or masonry structure.

The wire is fed through a series of pulleys, and tensioned to suit the operator’s requirements. Once positioned, the diamond sawing wire is pulled and rotated around the object at 25 linear meters per second. This enables the diamond beads attached to the wire to cut the material as it is pulled through.

The wire is cooled and flushed by free flowing water at all times: this helps to ensure ease of cutting and minimize overheating whilst in operation. As the wire is pulled through the object, any excess wire is stored on to a series of pulleys and stacked within the looping system. Diamond Concrete Drilling Co. LTD wire sawing machines are powered by electricity, petrol or diesel.