Surface Preparation

Concrete floor planning is a concrete preparation process where the surface of the concrete / material is reduced or textured. Normally surveyed if levels are crucial, it can be carried out using various machines to accommodate your site conditions / requirements.

Planning the surface is carried out using electric (3-Phase 415v 32amp) or petrol / diesel machines. These are self-propelled and can be used with or without dust control methods.

The concrete surface is reduced / textured using tungsten carbide flails attached to a rotating shaft. The flails are spaced at pre-determined centers along the shaft and rotated at high speed to maximize effect when contact with the surface is made. Dependant on the flails attached the application / type of plane and concrete preparation can be modified accordingly i.e. aggressive flail for reducing levels, or non-aggressive for texturing / key-coating.

The machines plane the surface in a series of passes moving longitudinal / latitudinal over the designated area in an even and sequential manner, ensuring an even plane is maintained throughout. The type / depth of plane is monitored and gauged by the operator and can be adjusted to suit site conditions / requirements.

In open areas where a neat edge is required then a suitable template would need to be provided so that the machine can work against a fixed guide. When working between walls, smaller hand machines are used to get close to the edge.